Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chaval - L'Animalier and L'Homme

These two pocket editions of cartoons by the great French cartoonistChaval (Yvan Francis Le Louarn, 1915-1968)were published in  1970 by Editions Albin Michel.

Both books need repairing because many pages came loose from the book spine. This is typical for cheap books of that periode as I experienced many times.

About an animalier, Wikipedia tells us:
"An animalier is an artist, mainly from the 19th century, who specializes in, or is known for, skill in the realistic portrayal of animals. "Animal painter" is the more general term for earlier artists. Although the work may be in any genre or format, the term is most often applied to sculptors and painters.

Animalier as a collective plural noun, or animalier bronzes, is also a term in antiques for small-scale sculptures of animals, of which large numbers were produced, often mass-produced, primarily in 19th-century France and to a lesser extent elsewhere in continental Europe."

For us, as for Chaval,  L'animalier is a collection of cartoons based on interaction between humans and animals.

L'Homme means "the man". It is also a  French anthropological journal established in 1961.


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Monday, January 15, 2018

RIP Avoine (1939 - 2017 )

Recently Jean-Marie mailed me the sad news that the great French cartoonist Avoine (Paul Audin) passed away 28 December. Once again, one of the famous Humouristes Associés disappeared.
Les Humouristes Associés , abbreviated HA!  is a collective of French cartoonists who published in self-publishing several collections of comic drawings in the 1980s.

Jean-Marie was so kind to send me information and cartoons to illustrate the nice humor of Avoine, so I could translate it into this article.

This first cartoon was published in the No. 1 of  A Suivre (To be followed) in February 1978, a magazine to which he collaborated until 1985:

Cover over his first album "Faites-moi rire, je pars dans quatre minutes" (Let me laugh, I'm leaving in four minutes). A self-published book distributed by "B Diffusion, undated, published in 1981. 96 pp. under hard cover:

 Hereunder 2 cartoons from this album:

Two drawings published in the anthology "Les traits du vin" published in 1996 by "Les Compagnons de la Ficelle" in Saint-Pourçain :

A drawing published in the album "La Fanfare" that he jointly made with Bridenne and Jy, two of his colleagues of the Humoristes Associés:

An advertising realization which unfortunately we do not know the date of publication:
(Dental ABC)

Picture by JMB (2006) showing, de left to right: Avoine, Bridenne, Barbe and Loup:

In the press, Avoine also collaborated on: Minute (his first press drawings in 1962), Paris-Match, Elle, Marie Claire, Marie-France, Le Nouvel Observateur, Gault et Millau, Le Nouvel Économiste, Libération, Lui, Lire, La Recherche, Pomme d’Api, Okapi, Le Point, L'Express, Réalités, Le Figaro, L’Expansion, Le Monde de la musique, Phosphore, Le Monde Dimanche, Vingt ans, L'Équipe magazine, Télérama, Siné Hebdo, Bakchich Hebdo.

He illustrated with 800 (!) drawings the 1979 edition of the Larousse dictionary.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Chas Addams - The Groaning Board

Sometimes a book can be in excellent condition, except its dust jacket. This is the case with this nico book by Chas Addams (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1964)). Most of the cartoons in this book were published in The New Yorker between 1954 and 1963.  Almost half the way the book contains a portfolio of colored cartoons.

There is a nice dedication written in the book (I bought it in France) which I translate for you:

"for Drunette, as long as she does not eat her mother. February 1965."

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cartoon 58 - find the differences

Find the differences.
I just compared 2 editions of Cartoon 58, the best cartoons of 1957 published by Diogenes (Swiss edition, German) and Diogenes - De Bezige Bij (Dutch). Only a few differences.
This books smell, well,  like "old books". The books have cartoons by Bosc, Chaval, Searle, VIP, ...
111 pages of vintage cartoon fun.

Ronals Searle


Virgil Partch


Wednesday, November 15, 2017


 I found this little book accidentally a time ago. Konk, Laurent Fabre (born in Rennes, 1944) is a French editorial cartoonist (dessinateur de presse). The book was published in 1972, collection caliban, les éditions ouvrières. The cartoons in the book are without captions.

As you will read on Wikipedia, Konk is quite controversial and has been abandoned by the left and right press concerning issues of negationism. He draws about immigration, the political class, abortion and homosexuality...

I found this interview (in French) with Konk dated 1992 (

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Drawing for Amnesty International

Nine Dutch cartoonists drew for Amnesty International. "Tekenend voor Amnesty" was published in December 1982 (isbn 9064630208) and is full of cartoons about human rights.

The 9 cartoonists are Fritz Behrendt, Jos Collignon, Tom Janssen, Frits Müller, Len Munnik, Rob Wout (Opland), Peter van Straaten, Harry Lammertink (Yrrah) and Stefan Verwey.

Yrrah on the frontpage

Tom Janssen

Stefan Verwey

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, and Never Will See, in The New Yorker (French edition)

I found this French edition (2007) of the original book published in 2006: "Dessins Refusés par le New Yorker" some time ago at the Braderie de Lille. For a 3 euro it became mine and the condition of this second hand book is excellent. The price on the back cover says 19,90 euro. The book is still available and price varies: from 37,90 euro on a Dutch site to 9,99 USD on Amazon.

This is what's the book's about:

"Each week about fifty New Yorker cartoonists submit ten ideas, yielding five hundred cartoons for no more than twenty spots in the magazine. Arguably the most brilliant single-panel-gag cartoonists in the world create a bunch of cartoons every week that never see the light of day.

These rejects were piling up in the dusty corners of studios all over the country. Sam Gross, who has been contributing since 1962, has more than 12,000 rejected cartoons. (Seriously. He's been numbering every single cartoon he's ever submitted to The New Yorker since the very beginning.) Enter editor Matthew Diffee. He tapped his fellow cartoonists, asking them to rescue these hilarious lost gems. From the artists' stacks of all-time favorite rejects, Diffee handpicked the standouts -- the cream of the crap -- and created The Rejection Collection, a place where good ideas go when they die. Too risqué, silly, or weird for The New Yorker, the cartoons in this book offer something no other collection has: They have never been seen in print until now.

With a foreword by New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff that explains the sound judgment, respectability, and scruples not found anywhere in these pages, and handwritten questionnaires that introduce the quirky character of each artist, The Rejection Collection will appeal to fans of The New Yorker...and to anyone with a slightly sick sense of humor."